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2022 Gold Level Sponsors


We are proud to announce that the Middletown Historical Society's 2023 will be on Saturday, May 6, 2022 at 5:45 p.m. at the Shartle House Museum located at 120 North Verity Parkway, Middletown, OH 45042.

​This year's theme is Artists of Middletown, showcasing Middletown's rich art history over the years. 

Below are this years nominees for our coveted History Maker and History Preserver Awards.   Voting is now complete. Purchase tickets to see if your nominee was the winner. 


Follow the link below to purchase your tickets to this coveted event.  Tickets are sold out.  We look forward to seeing everyone at this historical society. 

History Makers: A person/group who has played a significant role in making history in Middletown or making history and being from Middletown.

  • Todd Bell: NFL Star and Ohio State Defensive Back.

  • Clarence "Butch" Carter: NBA Player and Coach

  • Cris Carter: Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee and NFL Star.

  • Robert “Sonny” Hill:  Middletown’s First African American Mayor.

  • McGuire Sisters: Vocal Trio

  • Clarence Page: American Journalist, Columnist and Senior Member of the Chicago Tribune.

  • Susan Perkins: Miss America 1978.

  • Helen (Gerber) Ramsdell: Longtime Middletown Singer and Vocal Coach.

  • Terry Rukavina: All America Girl's Baseball League Player.

  • James “Choppy” Saunders: Middletown’s First African American City Council Member.

  • Shepherd Sisters: Vocal Quartet

  • Dr. Frank Simon: Assistant Director for the John Philip Sousa Band and Director of the Armco Band

  • John B. Tytus: Inventor of First Practical Wide-Strip Rolling Process for Manufacturing Steel.

  • William Calvin Verity, Jr.: Secretary of Commerce under President Ronald Reagan

  • Write In:  You are able to write in your candidate.  Past winners are not eligible. 

History Preservers: A person/group who has played a significant role in preserving or recording the history of Middletown.​

  • Mark and Traci Barnett:  Owners, Preservers and Restorers of the Sorg Mansion. 

  • Doug Bean: Director of Middletown Public Library for 37 years.

  • Pat Brewer:  Middletown Artist

  • James Cox Family

  • Herbert Fall: Middletown Artist of Historical People, Places and Events in Middletown History

  • Dave Francis: Sponsor of Annual Middletown History Calendar

  • Jack Howard:  Middletown Illustrator of Historical Pictures

  • Middletown Pioneer Cemetery Board: Preserver of Middletown's Final resting place of early Middletownians. 

  • Ann Mort:  Community Preservation Activist and Author

  • William "Bill" Rehse:  Middletown Watercolor Artist

  • South Main Street Historic District / PRISM: Non-Profit Organization to Assist in the Preservation and Revitalization of the South Main Street Historic District.

  • Judge William Todhunter: Involved in the founding of the library and Middletown History Recorder

  • Wilifred Vorhis:  Historian and Author of Middletown History

  • Woodside Cemetery and Arboretum: Preserver of final resting place of Middletownians

  • Write In:  You are able to write in your candidate.  Past winners are not eligible. 

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