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What About the Manchester Hotel? Should It Be Saved?

Middletonians have pondered this question for over a decade, while the building sat vacant, susceptible to van- dalism and decay after an out-of-town developer’s plan failed.

We will not use this space to place blame or render criticism, but rather to ask “What should be the future of the Manchester.”

In our view, the 99-year old Manchester is the second most historical non-res- idential building in Middletown, next to the Sorg Opera House. Both struc- tures have played important roles in the cultural life of the community, and the list of social, political and celebratory events held in both is impressive.

Thankfully the Sorg has survived to live another day with music and laughter filling the hall as it did for so many years.

Can this happen for the Manchester?

Consider the following:


  • The Manchester Hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014, but this does not protect it from demolition.

  • Is there a market in Middletown for another downtown hotel at present?

  • Could the Manchester be re-designed for mixed use with market rate apartments/condos?

  • What would it cost and who would develop it.

    All good questions along with many more. But for now, the Board of the Middletown Historical Society is asking for community input on one basic question – Is the Manchester worth saving?

By soliciting community input, if favorable, we hope to encourage the City Manager and City Council to consider a marketing and feasibility study to answer some of the questions above.

Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below.  We also kindly ask that you share with family and friends and have them come and fill out the questionnaire as well. 

Should The Manchester Hotel Be Saved?

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