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2022 Annual Dinner - Manchester Memories

This year's Annual Fundraiser Dinner showcased the beloved historical Manchester Hotel.

The Hotel Manchester, as it was first known, opened its doors to the public on Friday, November 3, 1922, with more formal events scheduled for the weekend. The new structure at Second and Broad Streets, called "A Monument to Middletown's Civic Achievement," had begun at the instigation of the Chamber of Commerce in 1919.

A group of local business leaders formed the Middletown Hotel Company, made the first payment on a plot of land at Second and Main Street and began to sell stock for the hotel construction. When the necessary amount was raised in just a few months, a new Board of Directors hired Frank Packard of Columbus, Ohio to draw up plans.

Next came bids for the construction and the F.B. Robinson Company of New York City was chosen, with a bid of $400,000.00. Construction began in November 1921, and no less than twelve local companies provided materials and construction for the hotel.

From its beginning, the Hotel Manchester was considered more than just a hotel for visitors to Middletown. It was referred to as a "social civic center," a place for community events, for family celebrations, entertainment and fine dining.

The building of the Hotel Manchester was the culmination of a city improvement project begun in 1909, called "Greater Middletown.: Over the 13-year period the city saw improvements in ever aspect of the community including a library, a hospital, YMCA, new city parks, better housing and schools and a new hotel. Civic pride was never higher as Middletown's new slogan "The City With a Soul" reflected.

Over its long history, the Manchester has been the scene for national conventions, local and national political speeches, international business conferences and countless personal and family memories. The Manchester has changed hands and names many times, but in 2011 the doors were closed and the building has sat idle. Today it awaits its next chapter.


The evening was a Historical one. We would like to thank our GOLD LEVEL SPONSORS for the evening which were Kettering Health and Premier Health. The emcee for the evening was Middletown's very own Ann Mort. Awards were awarded. This year's awards were as follows:

History Maker: Paul J. Sorg

History Preserver: Jay and Linda Moorman

President's Award: The Manchester Hotel

A historical reading about the Hotel Manchester was provided by Sharon Galeese Touchton. In addition, the Short Film titled: "The Manchester: Middletown's Civic Monument" by Sam Ashworth debuted.


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